Sexy Looks vs A Sexy Mind

I love looking like the perfect sex kitten when I am at London escorts, but that does not mean I am into sex in a big way. On my way to work at London escorts, I forever get guys wolf whistling after me, and I am pretty sure that they think that I am sex on legs. But, I am not like that all, Sure, I enjoy having sex, but I am not one of those girls at London escorts who have got sex on the brain all of the time. As a matter of fact, I am one of those girls you can talk to.

You may wonder why I joined London escorts in the first place. To me, joining cheap outcall escorts was just as a savvy thing to do. Before I started to escort, I had promised myself that I would study law one day. Sure, that is good, but listen, do you know how much it costs to study law in the UK? Instead of struggling, I thought that I would put my good looks to use and get some money together working for London escorts before I started my studies. I could have taken out a student loan, but it would have meant paying back money for a large part of my life.

I often tell my London escorts dates that I am planning to go to university and study commercial law. I do get some funny looks from time to time, but in general, I think that most gents think I am okay. I can even think of a couple of gents who like to date me just because I am fairly smart. When we go out on London escorts dinner dates, I love nothing better than finding out about my gents’ businesses and what they do for a living. You be surprised what I have learned during my time with London escorts.

Is smart the new sexy? I keep on wondering if I am on too a good thing here. Some men I meet at London escorts, are sort of a little bit fed up with dating dizzy blondes as they say. Sure, if they take one look at me, they may think that I am a dizzy blonde to start with, but that soon changes when I sit down and have a chat to them. They seem to like the most of my company in more ways than one, and I must admit that I enjoy their company at the same time. It is nice to chat to smart men, and I prefer to chat to men than women.

So, when am I going to start my studies? I have another year to go, and then I should have all of the cash together. I have been suer careful and even saved up most of the tips that I get from London escorts. What is going to happen when I finally go to university? That is what I keep being asked. I am not sure that I am going to give up London escorts totally. It could be that I will just have to pop in from time to time to make sure that my favorite dates are being good boys. If they are not, I am simply going to have to get my handcuffs out of my bag.

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