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Amazing First Time Sex Experience

Having a sex fantasy fulfilled beyond your expectations is both thrilling and memorable. Most overweight girls find it hard getting boyfriends or sex partners among their age-mates since they are considered not sexy. Worry not, if you happen to be one of them since Charlotte escorts have the perfect male escorts to make you equal among your peers.

Teresa had this problem. All of her friends had boyfriends and were having sex whenever they wanted. However, she had yet to lose her virginity. She decided that she was done waiting around to have and amazing sexual experience. So she hired an escort to lose her virginity to. The agency sent her a very handsome, muscular escort. He had no problem with her weight and was happy to service her.

Once they got into the room where they agreed to meet he carried her in his arms and carefully dropped her on the bed. She was amazed that he had the strength to carry her so easily it seemed. He then told her some nice words as he undressed her. This made Teresa feel valued and appreciated despite her size. This gave her the confidence to satisfy him sexually and she wanted to have him inside. The guy laid his magic hands on every erogenous part of her body, giving Teresa a rush of adrenaline. His penis was now hardw ith an erection making movements like it was bowing.

His soft and strong hands explored her ample breasts then sucked on her nipples, making her burn with desire. He dipped his sensual tongue inside her honey jar and she could not help but moan with pleasure. Feeling his tongue seething inside her vagina made her wet and ready for his cock. The escort carefully inserted his penis slowly into the base making her moan out of both satisfaction and the pain of the hymen breaking. She was so happy that she was no longer a virgin. The escort then increased the pace at which he was thrusting and the feeling was beyond words. She urged him to do it faster. When it reached the time for him to ejaculate his grip on her became so strong that she felt like he would break her. They climaxed together and she knew she would definitely remember this experience. She also decided that she would probably be hiring this sexy escort again to satisfy her sexual desires.

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