Nirvana For Me

Nirvana is not a physical place. Unless you are into meditation and yoga, it is rather hard to describe nirvana. The best way to explain nirvana is a meta-physical state of bliss. A girl that I know at London escorts once described nirvana to me as a long drawn out orgasm that never stops. I guess she is right. When I have sex, I often think that I reach nirvana when I have an orgasm. The more often you have great sex, the more likely you are to reach nirvana. I wonder how often London escorts reach nirvana?

Nirvana does not have to be about screaming orgasms such as you get when you just fuck somebody in a chair or get fucked on the kitchen table. Nirvana is often reached when you have sex in a slower and more intimate way. Ask a girl from a London escorts and she will probably tell you that you are more likely to reach nirvana when you enjoy a tantric massage or practice tantric yoga. Like London escorts say, you need to achieve a body and mind connection and that is not always easy.

Can nirvana be something just physical? No, you really can’t reach nirvana without having some sort of mental connection to this place. There are even some London escorts who think that nirvana is not part of our realm. It exists in a parallel universe that we can only reach when we experience great pleasure. Some associate nirvana with the opening of the third eye. It is likely there is some truth to this. A couple of London escorts claim that they have stumbled on it accidentally when they do yoga.

To some people, nirvana can only be reached by the use of drugs and alcohol. However, the place you find when you are on drugs is not as exciting as the place you find when you mediate. When you meditate, you are much more physically aware of what is going on and you will remember exploring nirvana. You don’t get the same experience when you reach nirvana when you are high. Should you take drugs before you go on a tantric London escorts date? No, you should not because you will not enjoy it as much. You really do need to be in the present to enjoy nirvana. It needs to take over your entire being, charlotte London escorts always talk through this sensation. Once you have experienced it, you will never forget what it felt like.

What if you never find nirvana? I would not worry about finding nirvana too much. If you start to worry about finding nirvana, you are much less likely to find it. Instead, chill out and enjoy the moment. That is when you are much more likely to achieve a state of nirvana and have a really good time on your next London escorts date. Never try to push it. If you try to push, the truth is that you will never reach nirvana and experience what can only be described as a feeling, and a place of pure bliss.

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