London escorts have looked into more natural remedies for period pains



Women have a pretty hard especially around their periods. Men will never understand what it’s like to have a menstrual cycle and all of the pain and emotions you feel for those very long seven days. Over the years many doctors have recommended tablets and contraceptive pills to help reduce the pain and the flow of women’s menstrual cycles. I’m personally not a fan of messing around with my body and putting chemicals in it just to avoid a bit of pain and bloodflow I’d rather suffer with the pain then put a bunch of chemicals into my body to do damage that I don’t even know it’s doing.


I’m also quite cautious about the fact that because I haven’t had children yet I don’t want to mess around with that area as there is nowhere else to make the baby. Hey so my friends and I at London escorts at Ace Sexy Escorts have looked into more natural remedies for period pains and heightened emotions during a woman’s menstrual cycle.


1; Tip number one apply heat to your stomach or back as these are the places that tend to hurt the most when you’re on your period. A lot of London escorts to this and find that it is really useful and helps to curb any extreme pain that you are feeling at the time.


2; Tip two massage your stomach or your lower back with essential oils. Ramona from London escorts is a huge fan of this method and uses lavender essential oils with sweet almond oil and gets her boyfriend to massage her lower back and rub her stomach gently with it which helps immensely according to her. The girls at London escorts and I chuckle as we say it’s more so the fact that her boyfriend is touching her that makes her forget about the pain than the essential oils.


3; Tip three this one was a weird one however many London escort swear by it. London escort say that when they have extreme stomach pain and their emotions are heightened during their periods they go for long walks or hikes or even a short 20 minute jog. Personally I can’t imagine doing anything apart from curling up in a ball when I’m in pain however the girls in London escorts say that this is the best pain management method they have ever had.


4; Tip four, this particular tip takes a little bit of preparation and understanding of your menstrual cycle. It has been shown and proven that eating healthy fats such as avocados nuts olives seeds a couple of days before your period is about to start and throughout your period helps reduce stomach pain bloating and emotional outbursts. This is probably London escort‘s favourite one as they get to eat delicious food like avocado toast or or salads filled with nuts and seeds and olives.


Personally I have seen a change in my menstrual cycle for the better since I adopted each of these tips and a lot of the ladies at London escorts have said the same.

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