Can food help raise your libido

London escorts at – girls at the agency asked this a lot, and the agency conducted some research on this. They have asked experts about the correlation of food intake to increase your libido. Recently, a considerable number of women experience a significant drop in their libido. But, if you want to enjoy a quality relationship with your partner, you can not avoid sex, and the decrease of your libido means a negative effect on your relationship.

There are few proven drug supplements to increase your libido, but we are interested in the natural way, but this will need a little bit of patience. At the same time, most of this lore about the performance-enhancing effects of some foods is anecdotal. But we need to know first what libido is, as some might not know. A libido is just another name for sex drive or sexual desire.


Aphrodisiac Foods


According to London Escorts, there are studies about aphrodisiac foods. These foods can help you spice up your sex life. Since ancient Greece and Rome, these foods have been used, where Romans and Greeks are very keen on finding such foods to increase their sex drive. The theory about these sex-enhancing foods is based on experience itself.

Here are a few examples of food that are supposed to increase your sexual desire taken by London Escorts girls who wanted to improve their libido.


  1. Oysters – this is the first Aphrodisiac food being discovered. It was said that Aphrodite herself eat this seashell before conceiving her son Eros. Oyster eater noted that you could both experience the feminine and masculine side of love when you eat oysters. (be careful eating oysters during red tide)
  2. Chocolate – Ahh, Chocolate! Who doesn’t want the sweet and slightly bitter taste that melts in your mouth? This food is both enjoyed by both sexes. It is said that it releases some substance that increases your desire for sexual contact with your partner.
  3. Almonds – London Escorts love almonds. I asked my friends from the agency why they loved almonds, and they replied that there is something about almond nuts that is stimulating. Also, almonds have been a symbol of fertility for a long time.
  4. Banana – there are no facts about this one, but the girls at the agency said something about banana makes them giggle. (maybe it’s the shape)
  5. Chili Peppers – hot foods place a significant role in your sex drive. But the culprit here is the capsaicin in them that is responsible for releasing endorphin. The substance makes us feels good. This is the same as eating chocolate.
  6. Alcohol – Wines and Champagne especially are very renowned in their Aphrodisiac properties. If you drink alcohol in moderation, it can lower your inhibition and provenly increase your sexual drive.

With this list of foods that are said to increase your sex drive, It is up to you if this food really can help raise your libido. But, for London Escorts, they believe it.

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