How to be in a space of abundance

I want to create something special.” That’s a very attractive place of being. For example, if you’ve ever gone to buy a car, let’s just say, and you go in a car lot and a salesman approaches you and instantly you know the salesman hasn’t sold anything for a couple months. In sales, they call this having commission breath, right? And he’s so excited that you’re on the lot and he’s trying to show you this car and he’s trying to show you that car and never mind you don’t want that kind of car, he’s going to explain all the attributes of that car and try to get you into that car and he’s not even really present with you and hearing what it is that you want, right? What’s the equivalent of that in relationships? Well, we call that desperation breath and I’m sure you’ve sensed it on guys and I’m sure guys have sensed it – you know, I’m not sure, maybe on you or not. But guys definitely can sense that when they’re meeting a woman who’s in that place of scarcity says Kent Escorts of

So, to be in a space of abundance, you’re holding the mindset that, “You know what? I’m attracting the right man for me and I’m going to find out early on whether or not this guy is that guy, and if he’s not, I actually want to scare him away. It’s okay if I lose him. It’s okay if he falls away from my life because that just creates a space – and open opportunity for me to attract the man that I want into my life.” When I went on my first date with my partner, we went in Kent Beach to a place called Dungeness, okay? And after Dungeness, we had this great walk and we’re sitting in the car and she started doing awkward. I could tell she was trying to scare me off. It was almost like a challenge; you know? She was basically saying, “I don’t know if you’re ready to be with me because I want something serious. I want something meaningful.” And later on I found out that she actually was trying to scare me off.

She thought I was a player that I wasn’t actually in it to win it, I wasn’t there really for something special. So she wanted to scare me off because that’s what she wanted and ironically, I found that so attractive. And I remember sitting in the car going, “I’m not sure if she’s the one or not, but I might be the guy. Like, she’s different. She’s definitely not in the ‘casual’ category. She’s in the ‘potential’ category.” So, put yourself in this place of love abundance. Remind yourself that, yes, your man is out there and he’s looking for you just like you’re looking for him. He’s open for you just like you’re open for him. He’s ready for you and you’re going to attract him and you’re not going to waste your time with guys who just want to play around.

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